About us

We owe a lot to a little boy named Toby.

You see, when he came along he made eating out for his mom and dad pretty hard to enjoy like they used to. And waiting for the check was the most painful part.

It’s a little ironic… why do we have to wait for our waiter?

When we’re Ready to pay we should be able to. So, our team set out to remove every point of friction that existed in the payment experience. We’ve since come to call this approach ‘The subtle art of subtraction’.


We take away the wait, the hassle, the mix ups, the missing out, the barriers and the friction with solutions that make you think…

why wasn’t it like this all along?

It’s both a science and an art form. And it’s what drives us. The peeling back of the unneeded. The unraveling of the complex. Beautiful simplicity. All for the greater good of the things that really deserve our focus.

From long lunches to late night dinners to the last game of the season, we’re Ready and waiting - without the waiting.