Ready Pay

Got guests ready to split? They can pay a faster way.



With Pay, your guests can view, split and pay the check on their phone.

A scan or tap on a table code nearby connects them directly to their order, as it appears on your POS so they can pay and go when they’re ready. With no wait, no sign-up an no app download required it’s perfect for small or large groups who wish to pay individually, and for busy staff who don’t want to keep their guests waiting. 


At all Tap & Barrel venues we’re seeing some fantastic results.
Table turns up to 25 minutes faster.
Server tips increasing 7-15%.

See what the CEO of Tap & Barrel has to say about Ready



 This technology allows our service team to reduce the friction point of payment and really concentrate on our core competency, which is delivering memorable experiences!

– Daniel Frankel, Founder and CEO Tap & Barrel


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