Ready Skip

Want your guests to skip the queue and order direct from you?



Whilst in-store kiosks and tablets are gaining popularity, Ready can facilitate direct ordering for express pick-up without the need for expensive infrastructure.

With Skip your guests can order and pay on their phone, ahead of the customers in the physical queue. A scan or tap on a code nearby connects them directly to your menu, as it appears on your POS so they can order for pick-up and pay straight away.

Perfect for scenarios where a large number of guests appear in a short period of time, like at sporting events or QSR lunch times.

Currently at Brewhall, Vancouver and fielding interest from several other QSR’s and Stadiums across North America.


Compared to full kiosk implementation and maintenance, this lightweight system offers mind-blowing savings, while still delivering great customer experience.

– Alec Leverton, Enterprise Sales Executive, Ready



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